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Putting on Belay Specs is pretty straight-forward but knowing when and how to use them safely isn't. We've compiled some user tips to help get the most out of Belay Specs while staying safe.

1. Clean the prisms before use with the included microfiber cloth. A clean set of prisms provides a crystal clear view of your climber.

2. To get use to using Belay Specs, belay on a top rope set up or on a route well below the climbers ability. For most users, two or three climbs will be all that it takes to get used to the specs.

3. Wait until your climber has gotten at least 25 feet off the ground and has at least two or three pieces of gear clipped (when leading) before using Belay Specs. This way the climber will be fully visible in the Belay Specs and you’ll be able to give them a spot until they get out of the ground fall zone.

4. Keep in mind that while Belay Specs effectively bend light they do not bend sound. You may need to bend your neck to project your voice towards your climber. This may sound like a funny tip to make but I’ve got annoyed with partners who can’t seem to hear me even though I am talking loud enough.

5. When wearing Belay Specs, be aware of the position of the sun and careful to not accidentally look at the sun. While no worse than looking at the sun without the specs, it is rather unpleasant and easier to accidentally glance at the sun while wearing Belay Specs.  

6. Belaying and rock climbing are hazardous activities and Belay Specs do not eliminate any of that risk. Only experienced belayers should use Belay Specs as the benefits of comfort and eye contact are useless if proper belay techniques are not being used.


What our users have to say

Belay Glasses are a game changer for neck pain while belaying. Earlier this year, I wrote an article for DPM magazine about the condition known as Belayer's Neck. I introduced some groundbreaking exercises but neglected to mention belay glasses. It wasn't until I had a discussion with Lynn Hill about climbing injuries that she mentioned and recommended them. So I decided to check them out. Phil makes a great product and that can help prevent overuse neck injuries before they happen.

Dr. Jared Vagy PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS
"The Climbing Doctor"

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